Scorpions 1979 Lovedrive tour with Michael Schenker - Berlin Feb 28 - Super rare! download

Download Bootleg live recording from Scorpions 1979 tour with Michael Schenker. Schenker was fresh out of quitting UFO at their peak, with the 'Obsession' and 'Strangers in the night' albums and joined Scorpions to record the classic 'Lovedrive' album in Sept 1978. He toured with them for a few month in early 1979. There are only 3 recordings of shows from that tour. The sound quality is B at best, but it's a historical document. You not only get some UFO songs, you get Schenker playing Uli Roth solos, which is the first and last time Schenker ever copied anyone while playing live. His improvised playing on 'We'll burn the sky' is at least as good as Uli's.

What is really disturbing about the Lovedrive era is that Schenker never got properly credited for what he actually played on the album. The credits would credit him for three songs, but he played on the entire album, leads as well as rhythm. He was never credited for writing 'Holiday' or 'Coast to coast', two of the most popular scorpions songs that were played in every concert for thirty years.

This is a sad misrepresentation of history that needs to be amended. Making things even worse, the release of the Scorpions 50 years box set leaves Michael Schenker completely out of the credits on the 'Lovedrive' album. Schenker was quite upset to find himself erased from the band's history, and is not too happy with his brother, Rudolf.

Matthias Jabs was in the band photo for the lovedrive album and that is wholly inaccurate. His contributions were minimal on that album and he was deemed 'not ready'. He did play on the latter part of the tour from April '79 Michael Schenker should be credited properly not only on the 'Lovedrive' album, which was their BEST post Uli Roth album, and possibly best overall, but for helping break the Scorpions in America.

1. Pictured life 0:00
2. Backstage queen 5:00
3. We'll burn the sky 8:46 incredible Schenker solo
4. Loving you Sunday morning 15:50
5. Lovedrive 20:51
6. In trance 25:50
7. Is there anybody there? 33:04
8. Always somewhere 37:35
9. Lipstick traces 42:15 UFO song from Phenomenon 1974
10. Life's like a river 44:55
11. Fly to the rainbow 48:50
12. Doctor doctor UFO song from 1974 50:45
13. He's a woman she's a man 53:38
14. Another piece of meat 1:00:10
15. Top of the bill with drum solo 1:03:38
16. Robot man 1:11:30
17. Kojo No Tsuki 1:15:20
18. Steamrock fever 1:18:57
19. Can't get enough 1:23:24
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