Candy Apple Blue - Let's Get Something Started (ft. Alaska) [Official Music Video Reboot] download

Download RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 2 winner Alaska teams up with synth-pop band Candy Apple Blue for their 1980s inspired discotheque track 'Let's Get Something Started'. This special deluxe music video reboot was re-edited to celebrate the songs two year anniversary.

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Music Video by Candy Apple Blue featuring Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 performing Let's Get Something Started.
©2013 Mrix Muzik Records, Inc.
©2015 A Fading Brunette Film.

Artist: Candy Apple Blue
Song: Let's Get Something Started feat. Alaska Thunderfuck
Album: Let's Get Something Started [EP]
Alexander Storm Mgmt.
© & ℗ 2013 Mrix Muzik Records, Inc.

Music video shot, directed & edited by Carly Emerick. A Fading Brunette™ Film, LLC.
Fading Brunette™ Camera Assistants: Hoyt Emerick and Alaska
Film footage was re-edited in January 2015 to celebrate the songs special two year anniversary.

Written, arranged, produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Candy Apple Blue

All keyboards & midi instruments programmed and performed by Carly Emerick
Lead vocals: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Background vocals: Carly Emerick, Hoyt Emerick

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Candy Apple Blue: > Alaska Thunderfuck 5000: >
“Let's Get Something Started”
© 2012 MRIX MUZIK ASCAP All Rights Reserved.
Words & Music by Carly Emerick & Hoyt Emerick
Spoken bridge written by Justin Honard

Verse One:
We are moving to electro underneath the lights
What I see I want to get to know, you're put together right

Lead In:
You move a little closer, stare into my eyes
The bass line keeps us moving while I am hypnotized
You move me from the dance floor to the corner of the bar
We do two shots of whiskey things are going well so far

Let's get something started, that's all we've gotta do
Let's get something started, let's make our move and start something new
Let's get something started x4

Verse Two:
While we're making our acquaintance the DJ plays my song
As our hearts beat to the rhythm, a strange phenomena

Lead In 2:
It feels like I'm in a dream, out of touch with reality
We're getting something started between you and me
Something to last for infinity

Repeat Chorus

Spoken Bridge:
My name is Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtron
When your spaceship crash lands on a distant planet,
All you can do is start something new!

Repeat Chorus

Side note:
Alaska is best known for competing on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5. She placed top 3!

Join us in celebrating "Let's Get Something Started" the special two year anniversary!

An all new re-edit of the original music video has been prepared for this occasion.

The original film footage was transferred over to old Hollywood style gorgeous black and white! The reboot has more of a clean streamlined look.

Alaska not only has stunning good looks but her smooth velvety vocal delivery will make you fall in love with this song all over again.

Enjoy! xoxo

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